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Sprong Children's Shoes

Buying The Right Shoes For Your kids 

Kids feet come in sizes so one brand and style is not going to be right for everyone.  Getting fit properly will make you and your children happier, knowing they are going to be comfortable wearing their new shoes and you knowing you received good value.


Based on our years of hands on experience, here are some worthwhile tips for you to keep in mind when buying shoes for your children.


(1) Kids feet can grow quickly, so make sure your child's feet are measured properly before each purchase so you know the shoes fit correctly. Parents and children often bypass comfort for fashion. Shoes should fit and be comfortable immediately.


(2) Most kids feet are not the same size. With your child standing up straight, measure both feet, both length and width, and always buy shoes which will fit the larger foot.


(3) Shoe companies often differ in their sizing, so a certain size in one brand may not be the right size for another brand. Work with people who can help you select the correct shoe and size for your child.


(4) Avoid hard shoes. It is a common myth that children need to "break in" shoes.


(5) Buy shoes with room to grow.  There should be about 1/2 inch between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. A good measure to go by...children should have enough space to be able to wiggle their toes.


(6) Look for shoes made with materials that give and breathe.  Fortunately, there are a lot of great choices available in the market today.


(7) Engage your child in selecting their shoes.  If they like them, they will wear them again and again.  If they don't, the shoes will sit in their closet.


(8) If you are buying school shoes, make sure the school will allow that color and style of shoe.


(9) Select a shoe store specializing in children's footware, have an experienced and knowledgeable staff and who will consult with you on what is best for you, not for them. 


(10) Shop at a store that is clean, inviting and friendly.  Shoe buying should be fun for everyone, even the kids!


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